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Who is Southern Irrigation?

Success stories

Branchville Series – Hemp Farming

A groundbreaking new web series that tells the story of Kevin Summers, a successful corporate executive that returns to his family’s farm after 30 years to take on the “greatest challenge of his life.” Branchville documents the successes and challenges of farming hemp as seen through the eyes of a first-time farmer. Branchville is a story about a family and community that comes together with the shared vision of revitalizing a rural community and creating a new model for regenerative agriculture.

Branchville Ep 1 – “There is no place like home.”

Branchville Ep 2 – “Tell me you love me”

Branchville Ep 3 – “One Game”

Branchville Ep 4 – “Biomass”

Branchville Ep 5 – “Long Days”

Branchville Ep 6 – “Almost There”

Branchville Ep 7 – “The Impossible”

The Pioneers – Industrial Hemp Farming

The Pioneers – Industrial hemp farming

Product Information and Tutorials

Agriculture Solutions

Dripline and Flexnet

Netafim Streamline X ReGen

Netafim Uniram Dripline

Netafim FlexNet vs. Layflat

Dripper Assembly to Successful Harvest


Netafim Sandstorm Media Filter

Netafim ScreenGuard Automatic Screen Filtration


Southern Irrigation Pump Centre – Franklin


Netafim Meganet Sprinkler

Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Corn

Taking Control with Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Subsurface Drip Installation

Landscape Solutions


Netafim Techline HCVXR

Techline CV Installation

Subsurface Drip Irrigation System in Turf Grass

Hunter – Basic Electric Valve Operation

Hunter – Troubleshooting a Non-Opening Valve

RainBird – How Do Irrigation Valves Work?

RainBird – 3500 Series Rotors

Hunter – Pro Spray Product Guide

Hunter – I-Series Product Guide

Hunter – Rotors: Efficient for Large Turf Areas

Water Works Solutions


Kupferle – Truflo Post Hydrant

Kupferle – Eclipse Post Hydrant

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