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Subsurface Drip Irrigation – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions How long does it take to design and install a subsurface drip irrigation system? The length of time it takes to install a SDI system depends on a lot of factors. This includes the size of the parcel to be irrigated, the topography and shape of the land, the distance between the drip lines, the accessibility to water, and whether there is any infrastructure in place. Some other considerations [...]

2020-11-19T08:50:51-08:00November 18th, 2020|Subsurface Drip Irrigation|

Press Release: Southern Irrigation Partners with Aclarus Ozone

Southern Irrigation & Aclarus Ozone Partnership The leaders in Western Canadian irrigation and treatment equipment pairs with Canadian ozone OEM providing solutions for agricultural production and processing markets Southern Irrigation (Chilliwack, BC) and Aclarus Ozone (Peterborough, ON) recently finalized a formal partnership that sets Aclarus as the supplier of ozone technology for agricultural and industrial markets. This will establish Southern Irrigation as Aclarus’ top-tier OEM representative in Western Canadian for those markets. [...]

2020-11-19T08:52:33-08:00November 18th, 2020|Hemp, Press Release, Water Treatment|

Subsurface Drip Irrigation: Planning and Design

Subsurface Drip Irrigation: Planning and Design Southern Irrigation at Valk Land and Cattle Ltd. Valk Land and Cattle Ltd. is a family-owned farm that grows durum wheat, barley and specializes in growing yellow mustard. See the different aspects they need to consider when implementing a subsurface drip irrigation system for their 625-acre farm. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Lawrence: I am Lawrence Vandervalk from Valk Land and Cattle. Barley [...]

2020-11-19T08:59:34-08:00November 12th, 2020|Subsurface Drip Irrigation|

A Fun Little Field Trip

A Fun Little Field Trip Once upon a previous, peaceful Wednesday, a white truck with a familiar blue logo travelled along the side of a mountain. The vehicle seemed to drive down a road almost invisible to the faraway eye. From inside the vehicle, the 3 passengers clutched the safety handles tightly while yelling at the driver to keep his eyes on the road, as it was just as invisible up close. One [...]

2020-08-19T09:17:26-07:00August 19th, 2020|Installation|

Increase Yield Performance with Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Reduce operating costs and produce more crops with the most efficient farm irrigation system The average farmer faces many obstacles when trying to grow a successful and reliable crop from their land. Challenges such as rolling topography, odd-shaped fields and elevation changes, unreliable weather patterns, excessive water waste, and nutrient leaching are too familiar. The amount of fertilizer spent trying to add nutrients back into the soil can be up to 30-40% of [...]

2020-10-16T20:06:19-07:00July 27th, 2020|Subsurface Drip Irrigation|

A Job WELL Done!

A Job WELL Done! Here is a fun scenario (based on true events): You wake up from a restful sleep, ready to tackle the day. You have 15 acres of vegetables to plant, and they are not going to plant themselves. You arrive at the site, only to see that your land is ...flooded. "Seems about right," you nod to yourself. "It IS 2020 after all." Fortunately, you have a second parcel of [...]

2020-08-19T08:53:17-07:00June 16th, 2020|Installation, Testimonials|

3 Steps To A Successful Hemp Irrigation System

3 Steps To A Successful Hemp Irrigation System Having a good irrigation system is one of the keys to growing a profitable crop of hemp.  There are three main factors that ensure a successful hemp irrigation system. They are as follows: First, the type of irrigation system. Like most row crops, hemp will perform the best with a drip irrigation system.  Hemp has high water and nutrient demands and requires [...]

2020-05-21T15:59:27-07:00May 21st, 2020|Hemp|